being in the ‘customer happiness’ business

Last but *certainly* not least, the final talk from our inaugural sameAs on the Web. We were thrilled to be joined by friend and former colleague John Buckman – digital entrepreneur, man behind Magnatune and BookMooch, and Chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I came to know John when I moved to London, funnily enough after both of us had moved on from Creative Commons.

Here he is speaking on what it’s like to conduct business in the networked world and the importance of patronage – as he so aptly puts it “being in the ‘customer happiness’ business”. I highly encourage you take a look.

Note: The next sameAs is coming up next Monday, 22 Nov at the Old Crown in Bloomsbury. The theme is ‘sound‘, the speaker list is top-notch, and well – we’re wicked excited. You should be too. 🙂

Thanks again to Steve Allen for the video.


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