more on happiness as a business model

I’m starting to think that John is on to something – or else elated that there are other likeminded entrepreneurs out there.

Spotted this morning on TechCrunch TV, an interview with Tony Hseih, the CEO of Zappos on “happiness as a business model”. He talks about how things like the culture of the office and hiring as a process (the good and the bad) can really lend to internal happiness at a company. There are quite a few parallels to John’s talk from the first sameAs about being in the customer happiness business, but he takes it one step further, making one key point that I personally try to live each day (6:35 mark) :

Make sure whatever you’re doing, you’re passionate about doing it.

(I’m going to bold that even to hopefully help drive it home some more 🙂 )

But really, I can’t emphasise enough how important that is. Whether it’s customer service, disease research, government, science / tech, being an educator, you name it – it’s that passion that will get you through the tough times, and it’ll rub off onto your colleagues and those you interface with. And that is ultimately a very, *very* good thing.

Sidenote – apparently members of the Zappos team are on a 3 month bus tour promoting this idea of happiness as a business model. Nifty.



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