more on sameAs, citizen science, and a ‘data bonanza’

Serving you up another sameAs video this Thursday afternoon, again compliments of Steve Allen. I know, so much goodness for a Thursday. It’s *almost* too much. Like too much chocolate cake.

(I take that back – one can never have too much cake. M’mm cake.)

Now available, our second speaker from sameAs – Arfon Smith, astronomer extraordinaire, and citizen scientist. Here he is speaking about a project he’s a part of called Zooniverse (GalaxyZoo being a part of that), an effort to crowdsource problems such as classification of galaxies by involving members of the general (non-astronomer or even scientific) public. For more on the project (beyond, the video, of course), check out Ars Technica’s latest on the effort.

And many thanks again to Arf for joining us. John Buckman’s talk, coming soon.


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