[Event] HackYourPhD US wrap-up event on G+

The folks behind HackYourPhD (see last post) are wrapping up their US tour with an online event highlighting their work over the summer, interviewing key players in open science.

I’ll be joining the Hangout, along with William Gunn (Mendeley), Brian Glanz (Open Science Federation), Jeff Spies (Center for Open Science / Open Science Framework), Charles Fracchia and Adam Marblestone (Biobright), and Ann Lam and Elan L. Ohayon (Green Neuroscience Lab).

Do tune in (starts at 1pm EST).

Mozilla Science Lab and HackYourPhD

Mozilla Science Lab and HackYourPhD

A few months ago, I heard about a crowdfunded project called “HackYourPHD” – a community and resource building effort led by a researcher in France to collect information and run interviews with a diverse cast of characters in the open science world. The founder, Celya Gruson-Daniel (a neuroscientist by training), had become frustrated by many of the analog practices and mindsets in science, and decided to set out to crowdfund a trip through North America to do research on open research.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Celya last week at Columbia University, as she passed through New York on her nationwide tour. You can listen to the audio of our interview linked above, as well as listen to her interviews with other key folks in this space here: https://soundcloud.com/hackyourphd/