upcoming web geekery in london

I hinted at a new side project in my last post. Tomorrow night is the first night of that side project – a new kind of science and technology meetup here in London we’ve decided to call “sameAs”*. The lovely Matt Wood joins me as co-host and the token tech-savvy half of the organising team. It kicks off at 7 pm tomorrow night at the Coach & Horses in Clerkenwell, and we hope you can join us. We’ll be hearing from three exemplary folks from three very different sectors, all stitched together with the common fascination with the Web and how it can transform the way we process information, collaborate and share.

Here’s a look at the speakers:

* David Weinberger: Fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard, library innovator, and author (“Everything is Miscellaneous”, “The Cluetrain Manifesto” to name a few)

* Arfon Smith: astronomer, citizen scientist / crowdsourcer of galaxies and other things

* John Buckman: Digital Entrepreneur (of books and music), EFF cardholder

Admission is free, but space is limited. I hope you can make it out, and stay tuned for future events. Our hope is to have these monthly, with varying formats and a theme that loosely weaves together conversation. For more info, visit our website or follow us a @same_as. We even have a facebook page and posting on lanyrd (hey now, all the cool kids are doing it).

* bonus points if you get the reference 😉


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