Stuck in the Middle

From “Stuck in the Middle: On Being Neither an Abused, Nor Ultra-Elite, Woman in Tech”:

“We’re told we don’t ‘do’ enough — we should ‘lean in,’ we should speak at conferences, we should go to hackathons, we should give back through programs that teach girls to code, we should be mentors in our workplaces — all while doing our day jobs, continually learning more skills on the side, raising families and occasionally sleeping. These are all positive things, but one wonders if men are held to the same measuring stick; I know very few men who do all of these things, yet they seem to keep rising in the workplace without all the ‘extras’ — yet they often seem to be prerequisites for a female tech leader.”

Add to this absorbing ad hominem attacks and misogyny when you are in a leadership, being expected to rise above as otherwise you risk being seen as “reactionary”, “emotional” or in need of a thicker skin (often by those who also promote increased diversity in science and tech, ironically) – situations I know my male counterparts don’t experience nearly as often. I’m extremely fortunate, but this path has had it’s challenges – and the expectation disparity, unprofessional digs and advances, and having to be on constant watch for imbalance I could really do without.

Do have a read of the full post. It’s a situation that resonates, and captures the Sisyphean nature of this well.

It leaves much to think about, and perhaps one day I’ll add my story to the mix. For now, back to work.


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