One thought on “2000, the year formerly known as “the future”

  1. I think they are missing some crucial pieces of the 2000-era technology puzzle, personally:
    – no mention of a Palm or Psion device – the obvious solution to your limited mobile phone contacts list.
    – Sure no Google maps, but multimap I think existed:
    – If you were such an early adopter of all these other things, surely you’d be running your own site from your desktop server, writing HTML by hand, and not relying on geocities? Hello World!
    – If you want to send that music file (or the presentation), why not just add it to your ftp server?
    – Sure we didn’t have Gangnam style, but there were some pretty nifty animated gifs to adorn your website with, especially if it was ‘under construction’ 🙂

    Am I showing my age yet?

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