some holiday sci/tech themed geekery

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It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, really.

This past Monday, Matt and I hosted our first sameAs pub quiz – a night of science / tech / design brain benders, laughs, pints and general geekery goodness. We were fortunate to have a number of sameAs friends make the trek in despite a less than reliable transit network for some pre-holiday fun. And of course, plenty of new faces in the crowd, each embarking on a night of trivia.

Many thanks to Matt Brown of the Londonist for lending us his brain and drafting the quiz for us. I now have a new appreciation for not only his knowledge of London and its inner workings, but nerdery as well.

Miss Monday night’s fun? Don’t fret. The questions have been posted on Nature Network, available for all of you to give a try. See how many you can answer without using the googles (or Yahoo – do they still exist? 😉 ). First installment here,second here.

Thanks to Aaron Dey for snapping some shots of the night’s fun, as well. It’s been an incredible year for sameAs, but only the beginning. We hope you stay tuned for what the new year can bring. I hear it may even involve the Internets. 😉

Happy holidays, from both of us.


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