back to old stomping grounds

I swear I didn’t get deported. Travelling back so soon after relocating that my shipped belongings have yet to arrive raises some eyebrows. Nevertheless, I boarded a plane to Boston for the week. The reason? EmTech at MIT the 21-23, and two days of meetings / catch ups with interesting folk of past, present and future.

This post isn’t to get into the nitty gritty details of last week’s highlights — that’s saved for a day less soggy with  redeye induced jetlag. For now, a few photo reminders of my beautiful Boston home, from old office space and the walk to my old apartment (not a “flat” there, sorry) to a friend’s Rubix cube creation. Full set can be found here.

Needless to say, it was wonderful to be back on old stomping grounds with familiar faces of all sorts (and new, as well). The exhaustion is massive, and Boston, you shall be missed, but it’s good to be home.


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